Adriana Lacko, Fashion Victim 1. © The artist.

Adriana Lacko, Fashion Victim 1© The artist.

When designer Yves Saint Laurent departed from the fashion industry in 2002 declaring "I have nothing in common with this new world of fashion", this was an indication of the changes that lay ahead. Fashion had reached its apogee, its end time in the ways that it was being produced, manufactured and consumed. Bloggers have emerged as power elites shifting the terrain of traditional fashion reporting and dramatically altering the ways in which fashion is disseminated. Commerce and media have united to create new ways of experiencing designers collections as runway shows now compete with Internet live streaming, digital fashion films, Instagram and Pinterest. Fashion has claimed the museum and gallery space with major designer retrospectives and installations and concept stores and online sites have now replaced the department store and traditional forms of retailing.

For just over two days, The End of Fashion will bring together the world's leading scholars and fashion designers to Wellington, New Zealand's cultural capital, to discuss fashion's future.