Margi Robertson



Margarita was born of Greek/Ukrainian refugee background and a pre-occupation with fashion has been with her since childhood. In 1978, Margi and Chris opened PLUME store in Dunedin, a multi-brand boutique and home for NOM*D, offering a uniquely curated blend of local and international fashion labels. A second PLUME store was opened in Christchurch in 1992 with both locations now recognised as essential destination stores for the discerning shopper.

Since its inception in 1986, NOM*D has been among a small number of directional fashion labels which have been responsible for defining the style that is now referred to as 'The New Zealand Look'. As one of the ground-breaking New Zealand Four who showed at London Fashion Week in 1999, NOM*D firmly established the dark, intellectual qualities that are now synonymous with New Zealand design.

In part, the label owes its noir-ish aesthetic to Dunedin, a city situated in the remote, rugged surroundings of New Zealand's South Island where NOM*D's designer Margarita and her husband Chris Robertson are still based today. A university town, with an international reputation for its alternative music scene, and a preternaturally gothic atmosphere, the culture of Dunedin permeates the mood of Robertson's clothes.